B R O A D E N   Y O U R   H O R I S O N   W I T H   H O R I Z O N T   O N E

Promina Trail 2019

official video



B R O A D E N   Y O U R   H O R I S O N   W I T H   H O R I Z O N T   O N E

If you’re in the market for a video, you’ve come to the right place. As a video production company, we specialise in conceiving and producing stunning, effective and unique video content. Our offer includes, music and sport events, live interviews, documentaries, conferences and 3D aerial view. And what better way can there be of achieving this than with video?


 A video that is well conceived, properly thought through, creatively scripted, filmed and edited and then intelligently distributed can reap you rewards for a long time.It’s no coincidence that video has become the most popular form of content. With it, a story can be communicated in a matter of seconds, both in words and emotions.


For every project we take on, we work out a bespoke concept, script and shot list.All this is your guarantee that we’ll always get that much more out of a shoot. We always provide high-quality, bespoke content, nothing less.